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Erin Duffy Designs is a Graphic Design Communications Firm of unparalleled creativity and insight.  The E.D.Designs team develops exceptional artwork tailored to clients’ individual requirements.  Appeal is the essence of this company, meeting the highest standards of design that are both interesting and attractive.  It is the objective of Erin Duffy Designs to provide valuable services with absolute personalization because we understand the importance in consideration of our clients’ needs.

Erin Duffy

Graphic Designer, President of Erin Duffy Designs

Erin Duffy has been designing through graphic media for over ten years.  During that time she has created numerous design projects to accomodate common occasions, such as party invitations, as well as the needs of business professionals, including real estate flyers and product packaging.  Many of these designs are currently included in Erin's portfolio.


Early in Erin's career, she was employed by a patent application design firm.  There she began working in customer relations and quickly found herself multi-tasking through many areas of the company.  Erin was closely involved in most projects that came into the firm.


Today, as the president of Erin Duffy Designs, Erin is proud to be building a brand of integrity and creativity, to be seen as a leader in the industry.

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